May 26, 2017

The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation is very proud to welcome
WNBF Mexico as our newest World Affiliate. On behalf of all of our board members and the leadership of the WNBF, we wish Mauricio and Cesar great success in building a Truly Natural platform for all athletes to compete!  We look forward to meeting amateurs and new WNBF Professionals from this great country very soon!

Address from WNBF Mexico President; 


WNBF Mexico President Mauricio Ivan Vargas Sanchez WNBF Mexico Sports Director Cesar MendozaIn this event, we seek to consolidate the work of the Mexican Federation of Natural Bodybuilding and fitness, in terms of promoting natural sport in Mexico now unifying objectives and criteria with the WNBF.  It is a real honor for us, and it is with pride for us to offer this drug free event.  This is a worthy scenario according to the laudable and commendable effort that entails developing a natural preparation for all participating athletes.  There are high expectations from athletes, managers, and assistants in terms of the success of this event.  We will meet and exceed these high expectations because of the world wide respect of the WNBF and the support they will provide to us.  At the same time we feel enormous commitment to make of this one, which will be the first event as WNBF Mexico, a moment that also meets the requirements of WNBF in terms of promoting the natural bodybuilding world and in Mexico.  All first place Champions at this years event will be awarded with the Inaugural introduction of the prestigious WNBF Mexico Cup!WNBF Mexico Cup awarded to 2017 Natural Champions

Please stay tuned for WNBF Mexico results, photo’s, and social media from the first ever fully drug tested competition in Mexico on November 12, 2017!  Also visit us at our website

Thank You,

Mauricio Ivan Vargas Sanchez
WNBF Mexico President

Cesar Mendoza Loredo
WNBF Sports Director