City of Residence: Augusta, Georgia

Event: WNBF Pro Extravaganza-INBF Augusta Grand Prix

Event Location(s)/City State(s): Augusta, Georgia

Occupation/Title:  23 yr. Professional Firefighter and business owner.

Children:  Twin daughters 23 years of age.

Thank You for reading my promoter bio.  I started my fitness, weight training, and bodybuilding journey at a very young age.  I am a former 3x USA Team Powerlifting member, and a 2X World Champion in my weight category.  I purchased my first fitness facility at the age of 20, and developed an interest in promoting natural bodybuilding and fitness events to give back to the sport.  I have also promoted other sporting events including powerlifting, wrestling, and golf.  I chose to promote for the INBF because I am so adamant about competitors being truly drug-free.  As a former natural competitor myself who competed at the highest level without performance enhancing drugs, the INBF/WNBF has the highest standard for testing athletes, and so there is no other federation I would rather be associated with.  Randall Kea promoter of the INBF Grand Prix and the WNBF Pro Extravaganza Bikini and Masters Championships in Augusta Georgia

I enjoy every part of promoting.  It starts from the day we announce our event, all the way through the conclusion of the competition.  I always put myself in the place of the contestants and try to think of all that they would want to have at an event.  Then I do it!  Providing top cash awards to WNBF Pro’s, and the best trophies and prizes for all athletes is very important to me.  The opening ceremonies of the competition is another aspect of the event that I truly enjoy.  Giving thanks to the athletes, sponsors, family, and other spectators important to me.  This year I would like to thank BPI, Egg Whites Int, Grenade, Promax, Atomic Strength, Celsius, Muscle Milk, Labrada Nutrition, EBoost, Caveman, PE Science, SDC Nutrition, and CTD Sports for all of their support for the WNBF Pro Extravaganza and INBF Grand Prix WNBF Pro Qualifier.

I wish all athletes the very best, and hope to see you all on stage in Augusta soon!  Please visit my event page by clicking HERE.