INBF Victory Natural Northwest

City of Residence:  Federal Way, WA

Event Location(s)/City State(s): Centerstage Theater, Federal Way, WA

Family: Son Alfred Jr, Daughter Feliciana, and Puppy Twixie.

Occupations: Owners of Victory Get Fit Club, a mind and physique transformation boutique for women.

Alfred and I have been promoting events for 4 years now, and we absolutely love it!  We never imagined being involved in this sport as it was always something that we had only seen on television or in magazines.  We also witnessed friends who have competed before but they seemed to have to give up so much that we never really thought twice about it.  We learned about drug free all athletes tested shows through Katy Wayman-White. We learned it can be a healthy, supportive, and friendly competition that everyday average individuals can use to realize their great potential and overcome mental barriers through personal development using this sport.

After a very recent occurrence with our former organization Katy introduced us to the Bob Bell, Tina Smith, and the INBF/WNBF federation.  Bob and Tina were super helpful, kind, supportive, and communicative and we are happy to have a new home. We love working on a team that works together to make a difference for the betterment of the whole.  The WNBF’s social media & marketing is on point, the website is well organized & very easy to navigate, plus there are so many great shows all over the world!  We enjoy traveling and competing very much, and are willing to travel in the United States and abroad should anyone need help with their events.

Our favorite part of producing a show is creating a memorable experience for athletes to celebrate months of hard work.  We pride ourselves with creating a warm and friendly fun backstage atmosphere. For new athletes, we want your first time to be special and that you’ll desire to continue to compete.  We’ve had a 60 yr old women step on stage and wear a bikini for the first time & women lose 80 lbs, we provide a safe and happy atmosphere where you feel you fit in and belong.  We also place a party photo booth backstage, first time athletes get engraved dog tags, and lots of fun goodies for each competitors bring a smile to everyone’s faces at the Victory Natural Northwest.

Our favorite part of our show is sharing hope and inspiration with the audience that realizing their own personal potential is possible.

Extra special shout to Michael DeMorato of Mortgage Financial Solutions in Auburn, WA who has has been our big title sponsor through the years, and also Elite Commercial Contracting in Kent, WA. for their incredible support as well.

Competitive Experience:  Clem Lafrades is an amateaur competitor, and Alfred Ra’oof is a Pro Men’s Physique athlete.

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