Nancy Andrews

Four Time WNBF Pro World Champion

Nancy Andrews WNBF President

1997  ♦  1999  ♦  2003   ♦  2004

President of the WNBF, Nancy has promoted shows since 1995.  In the earlier days of promoting Nancy did one show per year, the INBF Northeast Classic which is combined with the WNBF Pro American.

In 2003, she purchased the rights to the INBF Monster Mash and added the Pro Master’s American.  Last year, Nancy also had the pleasure of promoting the WNBF World Championships.

Nancy’s goal as a promoter is to give competitors the opportunity to compete with the best. It is important to make sure all competitors meet the same drug testing requirements which gives everyone a fair playing field.

Nancy’s events are always very well organized and very well attended. She and her team offer great trophies and prizes, and try to offer all services to make the experience a great one for all.

INBF Northeast Classic + WNBF Pro American

INBF Novice Northeast Classic

INBF Naturalmania + WNBF Pro Universe

INBF Hercules + WNBF Pro Masters

INBF Monster Mash + Pro Master’s American

WNBF INBF Cellucor World Championships


About the Author:

An athlete since high school, Bob started bodybuilding in 1997, achieving WNBF Pro status in 2000. His degree in Exercise Physiology and leadership and event promotion skills lend professional experience in his role as WNBF Vice President in charge of the organization's stringent drug-testing policies.