Leigha Hervey

WNBF Pro Leigha Hervey

Describe your path to the pro ranks.

I have enjoyed my fitness career. I have lost 40pounds the natural way. I have learned a lot about myself and I have inspired many people along the way. Being an natural pro has its ups and downs. When I am down I think ‘”Oh wait, I do not want to be just anyone walking the down the street.” I want to be proud of myself and achieve goals the healthy way 🙂

Which WNBF pro shows have you competed in?

  • INBF Naturalmania
  • INBF Monster Mash
  • 2014 WNBF Pro World Championships

What does being a WNBF pro mean to you?

It means that I am showing the world that you can live a balanced lifestyle without cheating with unhealthy supplements. Believe in yourself and your goals and do not let anyone stop you. One thing I always do is I take a big deep breath onstage. I look around and remember everything I did to be there. That its time to relax and show the judges who I am as a person.

Are you involved in any other aspects of natural bodybuilding?

I am a former line captain for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. I had the chance of a lifetime and performed at Super Bowl XLIX. I am also bikini designer, TUSHbikinis. I make custom suits for fitness competitors and also beach bikinis. IG :Tushbikinis_suits

Which WNBF amateur shows are you likely to attend?

North Georgia Championships 2015, Monster Mash 2015

Will you be competing in the 2015 Worlds in Atlantic City?

Maybe 🙂

What are your competitive goals?

To keep inspiring women around me to never give up and follow their hearts.


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