The WNBF is very proud to welcome WNBF Argentina as the newest World affiliate on this day of December 2, 2018!  President Victor Velazquez Insaurralde is a very experienced and motivated leader who has established the only drug tested natural bodybuilding and physique events for countries in and around Argentina for over a decade now.  Victor is also the first WNBF Physique Pro from Argentina.  We are honored to hand Mr. Velazquez WNBF leadership in his great country.

A message from the President;

I was inspired years ago to create a federation of natural bodybuilders (Argentine Federation of Natural Bodybuilding) where we “the naturals” are the focus of attention, and not those non tested athletes who came before us.  In the non drug tested organizations naturals always finished last.  These organizations essentially use natural competitors by offering them a competitive platform to compete yet they mocked us because we did not use drugs to enhance our physiques.  We have changed this competitive landscape in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina!

Our primary focus has always been to promote sporting events without allowing the use of performance enhancing substances.  We will continue this focus as we are now affiliated with the WNBF.

As I look back at my competitive experience in the USA with the WNBF, I will always remember the way I was respected and treated by the representatives of the WNBF, and we hold these same values in terms of how athletes should be treated.  In Argentina we have always respected individual athletes and teams of athletes the same.  I believe that this approach encourages positiveness and camaraderie in our sport and it is why I hold so many lifelong relationships with competitors from around the world today.

Newly established WNBF Argentina has several great leaders and we want to announce our elected board officials;

President:  Victor Velazquez InsaurraldeVictor Velazquez President of WNBF Argentina World Affiliate of the WNBF

Vice President:  Santiago Pereyra

Secretary:  Eduardo Enrique Gomez

Provincial Delegates:

Buenos Aires: Javier Scheffer

La Pampa: Eliana Quiroga

Santa Fe: Gaston Ghione Maggio y Carlos Castella

Tierra del Fuego: Diego Bozak

Catamarca: Nery Sarmiento

Delegado: Rio Negro Rolando Montoya

Tucumán: Vanesa Urbano

Buenos Aires: Miguel Constantino

Neuquén: Ariel Zwenger

Salta: Lucas Barrera

Chaco: Sebastian Alva

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Fernando Sanchez, secretary of the sport management of the province of La Pampa. To each of the athletes from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay who have come to compete in these last 10 editions of our tournaments. To Eliana Quiroga Hernandez for her unconditional support all these years and the Sanson Gym family.

I would also like to thank my wonderful children Larii and Josee for all of their love and support for myself and my passion to grow natural bodybuilding in my great country.

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