RESULTS: INBF Southern Natural

Open Figure Short

1. Jessica Jackson
2. Zan Hamilton
3. Pamela Hester

Men Bodybuilding

1.Julio Escudero
2. John Wise

Men’s Physique Short

1.Jeffrey Evans
2.Dennis Evans
3.Jeffrey Blakely
4.Julio Escudero

Men’s Physique Tall

1.Nick Shappe
2.Nelson Burton
3.Jacob Millsap
4.Dylan Chance


Bikini Masters

1.Pamela Hester
2.Denise Devereaux

Open Bikini Short

1.Jessica Jackson
2.Hillary Cameron
3.Selena Murph
4.Emily Stanley
5.Katie Silarek
6.Jesse Kruse

Open Bikini Tall

1.Olivia Dominique
2.Alexia Thurston
3.Mandy Hice
4.Pamela Hester


Women Bodybuilding

1.Christina Bryant
2.Cheyenne Harris
3.Sudan Salaam

Men Bodybuilding
Light Weight

1.Troy Rice
2.Jullio Escuredo

Men Bodybuilding
Light Heavy Weight

1.Jamal Williams

Men Bodybuilding
Heavy Weight

1.John Wise


About the Author:

An athlete since high school, Bob started bodybuilding in 1997, achieving WNBF Pro status in 2000. His degree in Exercise Physiology and leadership and event promotion skills lend professional experience in his role as WNBF Vice President in charge of the organization's stringent drug-testing policies.