RESULTS: 2017 Pro Intercontinental

Held on October 21, 2017

Promoted by Leo & Charlotte King, and Team INBF Canada

Pro Bikini

1. Charlene Muskego
2. Olivia Dominique
3. Angela Murphy
4. Casey Veroba
5. Alissia Reijnen
6th Samantha Solimini

Pro Men Bodybuilding

1. Neil Tkatchuk
2. Scott MacDonald
3. Oleksandr Sigulyev
4. Brayden Foote
5. Kyle Murphy

Pro Fit Body

1. Karen Busalacchi
2. Aimee Bakeman
3. Jody Moltz


About the Author:

An athlete since high school, Bob started bodybuilding in 1997, achieving WNBF Pro status in 2000. His degree in Exercise Physiology and leadership and event promotion skills lend professional experience in his role as WNBF Vice President in charge of the organization's stringent drug-testing policies.